By Myriah Smith

Homecoming occurred on the weekend of Friday, September 13th. The weekend kicked off that Friday night with Disney’s Aladdin (2019) displayed at East Campus; it was originally scheduled on the Quad, but the rainstorm prevented that from happening. The campus was full of life and bursting with activity as families and alumni came to visit. Malone’s first homecoming varsity soccer game was scheduled for Saturday evening at 5pm. Tim Starr, first-year varsity soccer coach said, “Preparing for this game was a matter of preparing everyday to hit their ceiling as a team… and knowing how to be the most organized to get the whole [team] to be greater than the sum of its parts.” Malone lost its football team last year, and the soccer team has now taken over as the most anticipated fall sport. The referees never showed for Saturday’s game, however, because of miscommunication with the Great Midwest Athletic Conference, so Coach Starr set up a scrimmage between the starting players (wearing red jerseys) and the rest of the team (wearing white jerseys). Freshman goalkeeper, Cobe Curry, explained that though the team was disappointed, everyone still wanted to play. They were all just excited to play in front of the homecoming crowd that decided to stay for the scrimmage, and midway through the game seniors Kody Shilling and Sasha Hoey were announced as Malone’s 2019 homecoming king and queen. The red team won the match 1-0. The team as a whole is looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully winning playoffs to make it to nationals. The plan is to be a better team at the end of the season than what they started with. The homecoming dance shortly followed the soccer game. Rachel Chesnes, co-leader of Student Activities Council (SAC), explained that because the homecoming game was held at Malone rather than the Football Hall of Fame, there was a different kind of atmosphere. Chesnes said, “There were a lot more professors–it was a fun new experience.” This is also the first year that homecoming was held on the tennis courts rather than East Campus. A lot of preparation and time was put into screwing every single light bulb that was strung. Noah Fisher was the DJ of the night, and students danced to bops like The Cha Cha Slide, Wobble, and Despacito. Makayla Smith, junior communication arts major, who attended the dance and the game said that she would definitely recommend for students to go to homecoming, “The more people the better!” Overall it was a wonderfully successful homecoming for Malone.

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