As the fall semester comes to close Malone students look forward to the Holidays and the new events that campus has in store for the spring. Along with the popular returning events some of the on-campus clubs and organizations have put together some events that they feel Malone students will look forward to as school comes to a close for winter break. The Student Activities Council (SAC) coordinates many of the campus events that have been put on in this past semester. The council has general members along with two Co-directors, Rachel Chesnes and Kolby Duke. Chesnes is a junior Criminal and Restorative Justice major. According to Chesnes, “[SAC] [is] working on what events we are planning on. So there are not really any events that are set in stone yet. However there is one, ice skating that I believe we are going to do. Since our roller skating night was a big success we wanted to do it again but in the winter with a fun winter activity.” Many students can look forward to the ice skating event which will be taking place when they return from winter break. As far as returning events from last year Chesnes states, “We will be doing a mystery road trip and a spring dance. The mystery road trip is where people sign up to go to a place but they have no clue where we are going. Only Kolby, Logan and I know. In past years they have done fun ones like Cosi in Columbus and The Ohio State reformatory in Mansfield Ohio.” These events take a lot of preparation for SAC to put on. When asked how SAC goes about making sure there are plenty of activities for Malone students to enjoy Chesnes offers some insight into this process. “We look at what SAC has done in the past and look at how well the events did. If the events were popular we continued to do them. However, if they were not good we try to think of ideas that everyone would love. For example, a new event we did this year was the coffee shops. We thought about how people LOVE coffee and listening to music so we decided to turn emmas into a coffee shop for the night,” said Chesnes. As stated earlier, Duke is also a Co-director of SAC. Duke is a sophomore Middle Childhood Education Major here at Malone. “SAC has made it a point to get students involved with other students and Canton life. We try to make every event available to all students, only a few have to be paid for by the students. We are also able to help student groups, such as RAs and CAs, put on their own events with a little bit of funding help from SAC! SAC is here to get students connected and we love to hear student suggestions on events for the future!” said Duke. We can see that SAC has many moving parts that impact in different parts of campus life. Duke also wishes to mention that although not all events are set into stone as she mentioned SAC does look for interest from the student body. Some events up for consideration for the spring semester include, “Field day, karaoke, mock-talent show,[and] bingo.” They encourage students to get involved with the event selection process. “Don’t be afraid to suggest new events to either the codirectors or council members! We want to please as many students as possible with our fun activities!” said Duke. From Chesnes and Duke, we can see that a lot of time and commitment on behalf of the directors and the counsel goes into making sure that the student body has many options for exciting events throughout the year. Another major event planner on campus is Malone’s Student Senate. Dedicated staff members, President, Vice President, directors, and senators, etc. look to improve campus in many different ways. Some of these ways are through the events that they put on for the students. Leah Grimes is a junior Communication Arts major, but she is also Vice president of the student body. According to Grimes, “We just met with the board of collegium, which was the president, so Dr. King and the Provost Dr. Miller -we all sat down -we were able to bring to them some serious issues that were important to students they had a lot of resources right there at the table.” This process, Grimes expressed, allowed for major issues on campus to be addressed. “ A lot of people have complained about just turning the corner right there very quickly, by Haviland and PGB. You can’t see people walking and it’s kind of a dangerous thing over by Blossom too. So be on the lookout for the Physical plant and people like that setting up new lighting fixtures.- So just brightening up campus.” Malone students not only have fun events to look forward to they have other important safety measures and changes revolving the structures on campus. But as far as events, Grimes states that senate is looking forward to a returning event, the tree lighting ceremony. Student Senate also puts a lot of time and consideration into the events and issues that are brought up by students to improve their time here at Malone. Grimes hopes that students know that, “we are a really formal and official group on campus, but we also have a really good time doing the things we do, and it’s not all just business. The meetings aren’t all just really boring, sometimes they are and sometimes they’re not. Being on student senate there definitely a level of respect that you have amongst the other students. It’s oh we get to talk to the president directly and kind of hear opinions from other students and hear confidential information that not everyone gets to know. So we value our positions on student senate a lot. But I think something that not portrayed to students is that we are really just a big friend group who loves to hang out with each other and we are really connected and bonded. Among some of the professional things we like to stay out after the meetings- its 32 students on student senate and boost morale and take videos and pictures together.” If students are interested in participating in these large “friend groups” that very much cares about the student body there will be elections in the spring for director positions which comes with a grant. You move into school early for training and to help out with orientation. Those elections will be incoming president and vice president of the student senate.

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