By Leah Jablonski

After reviewing the class’s semester topics, including multi step equations, complex zeros, polynomial problems, graphing functions, freshman Abby Oscovitch said, “That was when I knew I should look into a tutor for my precalculus math class.” “I’ve never liked math, and so I was a little nervous about having to take more of it in college,” Oscovitch said. “Thankfully, I found out about Malone’s Student Tutoring Program early in the semester.” Through the Student Tutoring Program, Malone University offers tutoring services to any student with no charge. “[At Malone] there isn’t a stigma to tutoring like in high school. Everybody has their area that they struggle with; even my tutors use tutors,” Jen Vannest said, Student Tutoring Program director for nearly seven years and counting. You can find a tutor for a wide range of courses available at Malone.“We [Peer tutors] cover all classes, 100 and 200 level,” Vannest said. With the plethora of options to be tutored from and numerous advantageous benefits, the question surrounding this program shifts from “if” to “how.” “Any student needing help can turn in a tutor request form under the T icon on the Malone Express website. Ifthey go on there and fill out the form, it’s sent directly to me and then I can connect them with a tutor,” Vannest said. Once set with a tutor, the actual tutoring sessions are totally under the tutor and their student’s discretion. “Where I get tutored is totally up to my tutor and I. We text about the days and the times that fit our schedules, and then we decide from there where to meet up. “Our sessions are usually an hour, but it’s really all up to us,” Oscovitch said. “It’s super casual and I really have fun with my tutor.” Oscovitch has been tutored by sophomore math major, Grace Coakley since the beginning of the school year. Coakley expresses a similar take on the enjoyed tutoring experience. “I really like helping other people with their math homework, or really just anything that I can help with. Tutoring also helps me to review materials while teaching them,” Coakley said. “It’s a really good experience to be able to say that you helped someone else when applying for jobs and internships. It shows that you know what you’re doing to the point where you are able to help others with it.” Besides the benefit of looking more prepared for future professions, tutors reap various other advantages from this program. “You get paid for each tutoring session,” said Nicholas Michels, sophomore Mathematics major. “I actually started out with tutoring in a high school. Here [at Malone] I don’t have to go off campus, which makes it a lot easier.” With various benefits for both the tutor and the student, the tutoring program is ideal for a range of people. “To anyone even slightly interested, I would definitely recommend at least trying it. Even if it’s just one session and you decide that it’s not for you, at least you gave it a shot,” Oscovitch said. “For me, I’m so thankful that I gave the tutoring program this shot. Grace is honestly fantastic, and I can see improvements already.”

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