By Seneca Ransom

As Malone students, we tend to forget that the people who help make things run smoothly at our school try to have a little bit of fun before Christmas break, just as we close the semester. Some of these people are in Malone’s very own IT department who go about surprising one another once a year in a sort of twisted secret Santa. The tradition closes with one department member receiving the coveted Carlucci Award named for the woman who began the tradition many years ago with a prank that to this day is fondly remembered by all those involved here on campus. Adam Klemann, chief information officer, offers insights into the history of the lasting tradition of pranking. “We pull pranks on each other. My wife [takes] everybody’s names and mix them up and matches them up with a secret Santa. Once they got the names we give each other clues about whos got the secret Santas.” said Klemann. These hints range in their severity often being silly versions of pranks warning of what is to come. Klemann further states that the week leading up to the Christmas party where the Santas are revealed. “[It] is called the week of terror. Where we really start hitting each other hard with the pranks.” said Klemann. Klemann adds more about his favorite ones done in the past. “We’ve brought other departments into the mix, we’ve had them come in and serenade them leaving clues that way.” said Klemann. Interestingly after speaking with Klemann at times, it was apparent some sources did not want to expose the tradition of the IT pranks at first. Showing the dedication and cooperation among departments across the school. One instance Klemann recalls being targeted with the help of the Admissions department. “It started with a former employer her name was Carla, one year had the entire admissions department come over and decorate me as a Christmas tree. And charoled-and came up with a song to me.” said Klemann. Every year the IT department goes about trying to win the Carlucci award some of their many methods include forming alliances. Throughout the years, Klemann mentions snoring Santas put into ceilings, doors being stolen off of offices, air horns duct-taped to chairs, and even tires of workers’ cars. The idea of the IT department partaking in these quite extravagant pranks is a bit surprising to some Malone students. Janese Billings a freshman Nursing major, is taken aback by word of this underground competition. “I didn’t know that. I would like to be included on the pranks and stuff.” said Billings. Even Malone students, although surprised, find the thought of these holiday pranks very exciting. Shawn Campbell, Senior Assistant Analyst, describes some pranks that stand out to him in the department. “I know one year someone did those green streamers, they actually built a maze in someone’s office.” Again the Adam Tree Prank was brought up, with of course a laugh and smile, where Klemann was decorated as of course a Christmas tree. Although Malone students have had their own fair share of ridiculous pranks this year, they will now be aware that our very own IT department with the help of some other important Malone staff work to prank and surprise one another this time of year. So if you hear any laughs or airhorns who can be assured that it is simply our IT department handing out clues or even battling it out during their “Week of Terror.”

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