By Abigail LaRoy

Most of us are familiar with Malone University’s mission BE ‘PERFECT’.” statement, “to provide students with an education based on biblical faith in order to develop men and women in intellectual maturity, wisdom, and Christian faith who are committed to serving the church, community, and world.” While Malone offers an extensive gateway into fulfilling this mission through SFOs, life groups, faith based curriculum etc, there is another opportunity to grow in your faith and experience God’s calling through your career at an off campus experience. Jubilee is an annual conference geared specifically towards college students, and shines light on real topics that impact students’ lives everyday. The Jubilee conference is a weekend long event that involves music, speakers, and individual workshops based on your particular major. Most importantly, Jubilee is an event that is meant to draw students closer to Christ and strengthen how you can view your career through faith. Malone University has been taking students to Pittsburgh for the Jubilee Conference since the mid 80s, and every year roughly one hundred students board the buses on Friday afternoon for a weekend of spiritual revival, according to Linda Leon, Director of Spiritual Formation. The office of Spiritual Formation understands that cost may be an issue of preventing students from attending the conference. Leon wants students to know that there are options for students who want to attend the conference, but are concerned that they can’t afford it. Malone students are offered a discounted price of $209 to attend the conference, but additional scholarships are offered to students still in need of financial assistance. Further details can be found in the Office of Spiritual Formation located on the main floor of the barn. Room leaders are upperclassmen students that touch base with everyone at the end of each night. Katie Corbit is a room host for the conference this year and wants everyone to talk about the spiritual opportunities available through Jubilee. Corbit says that Jubilee was one of the best events of the Spring semester in 2019. ”It was so much fun! They have large sessions and small break out sessions, in the smaller sessions is when they focus on specific career paths. I loved the sessions I went to and they taught me a lot about what others were doing in my career and how we can be serving the Lord with our careers whatever they may be.” Said Corbit, junior Social Work major. Malone students also have the opportunity to explore Pittsburgh over the weekend and meet plenty of new people. If you are contemplating attending the conference, Corbit encourages you to go, “You get to have the best weekend of your life when you can create so many college memories along with being able to hear from talented speakers and singers.” On top of guest speakers and worship sessions, one of the most impactful parts of Jubilee is the workshop sessions. At this year’s conference, Rachel Hunka from the Spiritual Formation Office is hosting her own workshop titled, “Who do you think you are?” that dives deep into persona vs. identity and how we root ourselves in false identifies vs the identity of God. Hunka says her workshop was inspired by her own difficulties of finding her identity through Christ. “Persona is something I struggled with as a college student and I have seen it become an increasingly plaguing issue amongst young adults with the rise to fame of influencers and social media. My hope for our time together in this workshop is to provide a Biblical foundation for discovering our identities, as well as some processing questions and resources for attendees to continue discovering who God created them to be after our time together.” Many other workshops will be available for students to explore. If worshiping together with hundreds of other college students in a new city sounds like something you want to experience, sign up for Jubilee in the Spiritual Formation Office today.  

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