By Leah Jabloski

“Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates,” Magic Johnson. Competitive team sports call forth more than individual talent. Positive team dynamics and over chamradaire is an element that is crucial in for any team’s success. Freshman, Nikki Weber describes this team dynamic concept on the womens’ basketball team. “I think we work so well together because the team chemistry is great. Everyone gets along and there’s a lot of positivity,” Weber said. Likewise, womens’ Head Basketball coach Selana Reale expresses similar views of excitement towards knowing the team more. “I’m excited for this year’s team, we have several new faces that have been added to join our group of seven returners,” Reale said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how each individual grows this season and seeing how we play together as a group.” Reale describes how it’s not just on the court relationships that she enjoys having with her players. “I enjoy getting to know all of the girls and seeing who they are and what’s important to them. I like to see how they grow and change from freshman to senior year. It’s fun for me to see them become who they are going to be in the next stage of their life. I also enjoy seeing the work that they have done carry over into competition,” Reale said. Though the 2019-2020 season will only be Reale’s second season as the Head Coach for women’s basketball, last season, Reale was named Great Midwest Athletic Conference Coach of the Year. In Reale’s first year, the team finished with a record of 15-13, 13-9 in G-MAC play, having the number-one ranked defense in the conference. In light of the past season’s successes, Reale explains her biggest words of encouragement for her players this season is “to be grateful for each day [that they’re] able to come into the gym and go to school because not everyone has the opportunity to continue playing the game they are most passionate about and get an education.” Reale explains how the teams wants to enjoy the little things and the repetition of fighting for consistency. “We are working to be consistent everyday,” Reale said. “The league is very competitive, every game will be tough. We work to come in with the same mindset for each game.” With this mindset, the team hopes to fulfill their goals. “We [womens’ basketball team] have our goals set on winning the conference,” Weber said. “I really hope that we are successful in our goals this season.” Hopes for Weber’s season go beyond success on the court. “I’m really hoping to continue getting to know my team better,” Weber said. “I love my team, and I’m so humble to play with them” Despite only being a few games in, Weber describes the already tight knit atmosphere on the team. “When I came on a visit here, I loved the team atmosphere,” Weber said. “I felt so welcomed by the team and it seemed like I fit in well. We are only three games in, and it feels like we are a family already.”

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