Food, Fun and the Full Canton Experience

Ella Myrthil

The city of Canton, Ohio is home to numerous restaurants, cafes and activities. Part of the Malone culture is its surrounding city and the opportunity students have to explore Canton. The local spots referenced in this article are enjoyed regularly by faculty, staff and students, and all are either within walking distance or a 15-minute drive from campus. 

Two of the Malone community’s favorite restaurants are BJ’s Brewhouse and Milk and Honey.

“I love to go [to BJ’s Brewhouse] with friends on Tuesday nights; it’s something I have enjoyed all four years while being at Malone,” Rachel Chesnes, senior criminal and restorative justice major, said. 

Every Tuesday, BJ’s Brewhouse sells their popular “pizookie” desserts for only $3, even though they are usually priced at $7. It is not uncommon to see groups of Malone students lined up inside of BJ’s Brewhouse on a Tuesday night. The featured dessert is ice cream and toppings atop a decadent cookie, brownie or monkey bread base baked into a pan that’s perfect to share or eat alone.

“Superman ice cream is my go-to when I visit Milk and Honey!” Delaney Major, senior communications arts major, said. This local restaurant combined with an ice cream and candy shop is located on Cleveland Avenue only one mile from campus.

Malone faculty and staff also enjoy the area’s local dining and love to offer suggestions to students.

“Grinders has food for everyone!” Rev. Dr. Linda Leon, director of spiritual formation, said about Grinders Above and Beyond, an all-American cuisine restaurant located in North Canton. “I have found there is something for everyone there, even when I bring people from out of town.”

“If you are looking for a cute date night atmosphere — Basil Asian Bistro is right downtown and is perfect,” Emily Deinert, housing coordinator, said. Basil Asian Bistro is particularly popular for its avocado curry and Thai rolls.

“Heggy’s has the best candies and treats, [and] my personal favorite is their buttered french fries,” Dienert said. Heggy’s Candy Company is also located on Cleveland Avenue. “Visiting this shop is definitely a ‘Canton-thing-to-do’!”

In addition to restaurants and dessert places, Canton coffee shops are a big part of the Malone experience.

Muggswigz is a coffee and tea shop in downtown Canton. Open seven days a week, it provides a nice study spot only two and a half miles from campus. This local coffee shop sells vegan and gluten-free pastries as well.

Another nearby coffee shop has become something of a campus legend between its place as many students’ favorite cafe and its frequent visits to Emma’s Lounge. 

“I love everything at Walkie Talkie, especially their Ginger and Gold drink — it’s delicious!” Brittany Knoch, senior exercise major, said. Owned and run by Malone graduates, Walkie Talkie Espresso and Coffee is located just one mile from campus, encouraging students to make a trip on foot with a friend.  

Tremont Coffee Company, another coffee shop in Canton, has a few locations in other cities as well. Their extensive menu consists of cold brews, lattes, seasonal drinks, pastries and more. 

“[Tremont Coffee Company’s] peanut butter latte is amazing!” Olivia Ogle, senior business administration major, said of her favorite local coffee shop.

Major claims that Hazel and Rye Artisan Baking Company has the best coffee and macarons in Canton. At their new location inside the downtown Huntington building, this bakery is only a nine-minute drive from campus.

For a more upscale dining and coffee experience, the trip to The Bistro and The Stillhouse at Gervasi is well worth it. They feature a collection of beautiful buildings, restaurants, outdoor patios and an extensive menu.

“Not only does everything taste good, but the old Italian cathedral design makes it beautiful inside,” Knoch said of Canton’s Gervasi. “There is even a running and walking trail around the lake at Gervasi — it is beautiful all year round.”

Canton has more to offer than just its restaurants and cafes, however. There are many indoor and outdoor activities and opportunities to add to any weekend plans. 

Madison Rekstis, junior intervention specialist education major, has lived in Canton her whole life. Recently, she has discovered Milestone Games downtown and recommends it to everyone. With only a $5 cost to enter, a wide selection of board games are then available to play the entire day.

“There are all sorts of board games lined up on the wall inside!” Rekstis said. “If you don’t know how to play a certain game, it’s okay because the workers can explain them all to you.” Milestone Games also sells appetizers and drinks to enjoy while playing their games.

Hannah Robinson, junior music production and bible and theology double major, has lived in Canton her whole life as well. Ohio Tea Company is one of her all-time favorite places to visit. The store sells over 400 loose leaf teas, herbs and accessories from different parts of the world.

“My favorite tea to buy is their roasted chestnut,” Robinson said. Off of Fulton Drive, the 14-minute drive to The Ohio Tea Company is worth the trip, as they offer a student discount.

Right next door to the Ohio Tea Company is Dorrie’s Booktique. Robinson recommends this unique spot to any and all book lovers. This new and used book store sells their used books at half price or less.

 Additional things to do in Canton include gaming at Dave and Busters, checking out the North Canton Skate and Entertainment Center and spending time at the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum.

Malone’s Student Activities Council regularly plans events for students to explore Canton, such as making trips to Sky Zone and the escape rooms in downtown Canton. Be on the lookout for upcoming events this spring from the council.

Additionally, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the places referenced in this article remain open, allowing students to explore Canton and enhance their Malone experience.

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