Campus Cafes Host Community

By Ella Myrthil

Many students aren’t aware that every residential student has $35 to spend each semester at the on-campus cafes. It’s true — and the money is stored right on the student’s ID card. The two campus cafes are Regula Cafe, which is located on the first floor of Regula Hall, and Emma’s Cafe, located on the first floor of the Barn.

Regula Cafe serves an assortment of hot and cold coffee beverages, bistro-style and breakfast sandwiches, quesadillas and more. Emma’s Cafe offers a full lineup of barista-crafted coffee, specialty drinks, and teas. 

“Regula’s chicken quesadillas are really good!” Rachel Walker, junior social work major, said. “That and their Chai tea latte are my favorites.” 

During the week, Regula Cafe is open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., however, it closes at 1:30 p.m. on Fridays. Similarly, Emma’s is open 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and again from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays. Neither cafes are open on the weekends.

“Normally when I have classes in Regula Hall I will stop [at Regula Cafe] to get drinks during breaks between classes,” Karly Bruce, junior nursing major, said. The location of Regula is convenient for nursing students, as many of their classes are held in Regula Hall.

”Even if I’m just studying in the cafe seating area, I will get coffee — their caramel macchiatos are my favorite,” Bruce said.

“I go to Regula every week or every other week, and I like to try different drinks each time I go,” Hannah Robinson, junior music production and Bible and theology double-major, said. “I especially like the mocha chiller!”

Students can apply through AVI to work at either of the on-campus cafes. There are currently two student workers at Regula Cafe and three at Emma’s Cafe. All student workers are employed by AVI — since Malone is not the students’ employer, it does not qualify to be a work-study job.

Emma’s Cafe is a new addition to the Malone campus. Previously, the downstairs level of the Barn was just a study area, but as of spring 2020, Emma’s Cafe now shares the space.

“My favorite drink to make is the iced latte,” Erienne Ballard, junior nursing and global studies double major and cafe barista, said. “It is easy and simple, yet there are many variations — you can always switch it up.

“Emma’s low lighting and the variety of seating options gives the feeling of an off-campus cafe shop,” Ballard said, encouraging students to utilize the study space.

Emma’s Cafe receives its coffee from the Crimson Cup, which has several locations around Ohio. This gives Emma’s an off-campus coffee shop taste as well.

The space Emma’s Cafe occupies is part of Malone’s history. Several Malone couples have proposed and become engaged there over the years. 

“Emma’s is a Malone characteristic — I’m surprised there aren’t more people using it,” Ballard said.

 Events such as musical performances have been held in this space previous to Emma’s Cafe opening. Several students have advocated for and hope to see the Student Activity Counsel’s Trivia Night be held at Emma’s Cafe in the future.

“I really like working at Emma’s,” Emily D’Wald, AVI cafe barista and grill cook, said. “I tend to see a steady flow of admissions staff, swimmers or cross country people in the morning.”

“I get coffee from Emma’s approximately once a week,” Madison Rekstis, junior intervention specialist education major, said. “I usually get either a latte or cappuccino — their toasted marshmallow latte is my favorite!

 “I really appreciate [Emma’s Cafe’s] new location,” Rekstis said. “Since I work upstairs in the Barn, this new location is very helpful. Some words I would use to describe the atmosphere of Emma’s are cozy and relaxing!” 

While both cafes love to host students, there are a few ways they differ from each other. Regula Cafe has a great selection of ready-made food. On the other hand, Emma’s Cafe offers a greater variety of drinks. Although it may look more pricey, their chilled and hot espresso is high quality.

Both locations sell additional items such as tea packets, packs of gum, bags of chips and candy bars. Regula Cafe features a refrigerator stocked with bottled Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks drinks. Emma’s Cafe has a freezer stocked with ice cream, which is perfect for a late-night snack.

Whether a quick stop in or study sessions that go for hours on end, Malone’s campus cafes provide all the food and refreshments students need.

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