Dual Dorm Team Penny War Victory

By Tyler Kirker

March 24, 2021, marked the end of the Penny Wars: a hard-fought battle between students in different dorms and commuters, which began on March 17. The winners were declared to be a united team of Penn, Gurney and Barclay Halls (PGB) and Haviland Hall with a score of 5,479. 

Blossom Hall ended in second place at 3,320 points and Heritage Hall finished in third place with 187. Commuters ranked fourth with -3 points, DeVol Hall came in fifth with -330 and Woolman, Whittier and Fox Halls (WWF) ended in last place with -2,060.

Each team had a jar reserved for them on a table near the entrance to the Hoover Dining Commons for contenders to place money in. Pennies or dollar bills would add points based on their monetary value, while nickels, dimes, quarters or other silver coins would subtract points. This meant that competitors had the option of adding points to their own team’s score or depleting that of others.

“We decided to put PGB and Haviland together [on a team] due to the small number of men in the dorms,” Rachel Chesnes and Kolby Duke, senior criminal and restorative justice major and senior middle childhood education major and co-directors of the Student Activities Council (SAC), said. “We were hoping to have as much student involvement as possible.”

Despite being a combined team of two dorms with a relatively lower number of residents, the team was able to sweep the victory in the Penny Wars by a gap of over 2,000 points.

“I am excited that our campus community was able to have fun while showing support for the community we live in,” Micah Czirr, resident director of Haviland Hall said. “This was a great idea [put out] by SAC.”

Not only did this event give students a chance to engage in a fun yet fierce competition with one another, but it also served a good cause in the community of Canton, Ohio.

“All proceeds [from the Penny Wars] will be donated to Tiqvah Hands of Hope,” Kathy Geosits, AVI employee stationed at Hoover Dining Commons, said.

Tiqvah Hands of Hope is a Christian non-profit organization based in Stark County that provides various recreational, educational and charitable services. SAC partnered with the organization to form the Penny Wars, which succeeded in raising a grand total of $179.45 in donations to the organization.

“We dream of Stark County filled with students who know who they are in Christ,” Tiqvah Hands of Hope states on their website, “and as a result, full of hope and life, known for their selflessness, and empowered to carry out God’s dream for their impact.”

SAC put this event together with the intention of helping Tiqvah Hands of Hope in a way that would be engaging. Present Malone students and alumni alike have a close relationship with the organization, and the co-directors desired to help them through an activity that all students at Malone could partake in.

“We chose Tiqvah [Hands of Hope] because we wanted to pick something that Malone students know about,” Chesnes and Duke said. “If people look at who works there, a handful of workers have graduated from Malone.

“We have also heard students talking about how they have volunteered there or heard about them,” Chesnes and Duke said. “Tiqvah is an after-school mentoring program for children in Canton. They provide a safe environment for a child and help them grow in life and in school.”

Tiqvah refers to people who send them donations as “champions of hope,” a title that comes from how the individual is giving money to advocate for the spreading of hope to the children in the Stark County community. The students at Malone University who fought in the Penny Wars have all earned this title. And the members of the winning team have become both champions of hope and champions of Malone.

A hearty congratulations to PGB and Haviland Hall for winning the Malone University Penny Wars!

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