UNLEASH Promotes Growth on Campus

By Seneca Ransom

On three Monday nights in March, Clare Smith and Chelsea McFolling led the UNLEASH leadership cohort for Malone’s female students in the Johnson Center. The program was put on through the lens of GiANT, a program that offers leadership coaching and consulting. These themes were combined with Christian application, provided through Smith and McFolling’s messages. 

Tony Schnyders, dean of student development, was contacted by Smith and McFolling with the idea of hosting the cohort on our campus. He jumped at the opportunity, eager for students to be provided with more opportunities for leadership and growth.

“I [thought] that the money [would] be a big barrier for a lot of students to be able to make it, so I paid for anybody who wanted to [attend] through either the service leadership group or Student Senate,” Schnyders said. 

“I think it is really important that we start offering more things like that,” Schnyders said. ”We’re going to work together again in the future to provide something on a similar basis — maybe even each semester.”

“Two years ago there was a women’s retreat offered over fall break, and I think Melody Scott is looking to do that again next year,” Schnyders said. “I’m looking at doing a men’s retreat next year as well — we always want to see more [leadership experiences]. I think my focus is that in the future we can offer all of them for free.”

The session focused on the Five Voices Assessment. This personality test comes from GiANT, a coaching and leadership organization. All five voices, or personality aspects, are a part of each person. The difference between people is how each orders these voices, so the different

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