Opportunities at the Calling and Career Fair

By Rigel Le Claire

Volume 67, No. 1 – click to see full issue here

CA Caleb Cosentino Directs a Game of 9 Square as a Section Event. Photo by Max Maline

On Oct. 4, there will be a Calling and Career Fair for all students in the Johnson Center from 4:30-7:30 p.m. This event will provide career and networking opportunities as well as information about the majors that Malone offers.

“First-year students are required to attend as part of a requirement in GEN 100 and speak to representatives from three different departments about the majors and minors they offer,” Marcia Everett, director of The College Experience, said.

“[The students] will have an opportunity to meet with faculty from different majors and minors to learn more about them and make connections,” Anna Meadows, director of disability support services, said.

Though it’s a requirement for freshmen, the Calling and Career Fair is for all students regardless of their year. Dinner will also be served for attendees.

“Upperclass students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from various businesses and agencies about internships and positions,” Everett said.

“The ‘calling’ part of the fair is directly related to [Malone’s] Pendle Hill Pledge,” Meadows said. Meadows emphasized that calling and career are intertwined, which is why both educational and professional opportunities will be represented.

“All [returning] students are encouraged to bring a resume,” Meadows said. “Our goal is to empower students to enter their career and lives with meaning, so that’s what we’re really hoping to show … [especially] in the local business setting.”

The idea of the event is to bring the entire Canton community together and learn about all that Malone has to offer.

“Students who are thinking about picking up a second major or a minor will get to learn about [their benefits],” Meadows said. “Whatever career they are thinking about exploring in the future, they can have actual conversations with people in the community [about] how valuable Malone’s education is and where it can take you in the future.”

The business attendees are a great networking opportunity for students looking for jobs or internships. If a student misses the Calling and Career Fair, there are other positions available on Malone’s online job board for students to apply for.

“In years past we have done a major fair that we required all freshmen to go to,” Meadows said. “All of our academic departments [were] represented, and we talked about the different types of majors we offer, [how they] correlate to [a student’s] interests and what types of careers may be available given what they’re majoring in.”

Although the major fair had become a tradition, this year it has been expanded to be more useful to upperclassmen.

“We decided to merge [the major fair] with a career fair because we want more students on campus to be involved, so we [called] it the Calling and Career Fair,” Meadows said. “We’re going to have about 15 local businesses in the Johnson Center taking resumes and recruiting students for internships [and] jobs.”

More information will be sent to students via email.

This event is perfect for students looking to plan ahead for spring internships or to decide the type of position they may want after graduation. Exploring other majors or getting a foot in the door by talking to a business has the potential to change the trajectory of your post-college life.

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