Serving Up Intramurals

By Selah Yost

Volume 67, No. 1 – click to see full issue here

Sand Volleyball Team “Idk Yet” Prepares For a Match at Weis Park. Photo by Trent McCune

Campus sports are underway, with sand volleyball games kicking off the intramural division. The start of the season was on Sept. 12 at Weis Park on 26th Street in Canton. This year’s sand volleyball games consist of nine student teams with team names ranging from the “Beach Babes” to the “Concussed Squirrels.” 

Games are held every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday with typical start times as early as 6 p.m. and as late as 7:30 p.m. Students who want to come cheer on fellow classmates as they fight to win prizes including apparel, gift cards and of course, bragging rights should check individual game start times. 

However, sand volleyball is just one of the many sports that the intramural division offers. Other sports available to the student body include flag football, indoor volleyball, spike ball, basketball, soccer, pickleball and dodgeball. Just as there is no shortage of options to choose from, there is also no shortage of competition. 

“Everyone wants to win,” Zeke Yost, co-director of intramurals as well as sports management and business administration double-major, said. Yost describes the games as extra competitive around tournament time. 

This competition keeps games exciting to watch and captures the attention of bystanders. Even a couple from a nearby neighborhood have attended a game already this semester as “Sets on the Beach” took on “Idk Yet.” Malone’s community extends beyond campus, and intramural sports are one of the many ways this community is highlighted.

“You can still have fun, even if you aren’t the best athlete on the team,” Logan Ferrucci, team captain of “Sets on the Beach” and nursing major, said. “Everyone seems to have a good time whether they win or not, because it is competitive but also very casual and most people are good sports.” 

“I do intramurals because it’s a great way to combine the competitiveness of sports and being able to have fun with your friends,” Ferrucci said. “It also allows you to meet new people by playing against other teams on campus.” 

Intramurals are also a way to be involved in the college experience. A big part of college involves creating new relationships, but to do so, students must be intentional about stepping outside of their comfort zones to meet these people.

Being on a team automatically forces athletes to bond with their teammates by making them work together to play the sport. This makes it easier to broaden social circles and feel more connected to other members of the student body. Additionally, the friendly environment surrounding intramurals on campus allows people to make friends with those from opposing teams, both Yost and Ferrucci agree.

Yost and Ferrucci are not the only regular participants in the intramural leagues. Bryan Almestica, the other co-director of intramurals as well as sports management and business administration double-major, is another face that can often be seen at the games. The positive reputation of intramurals is reflective of the way that Almestica and Yost embody their current leadership positions over the games.

“One of the reasons I chose to be a co-director of intramural sports was because I saw an opportunity to help make the most out of a great organization and get students on campus more involved,” Almestica said. Having leaders who invest in and enjoy their roles is crucial to keeping an organization both impactful and fun. 

Yost’s preferences of all the sports he has participated in are sand volleyball and basketball. For Almestica, flag football is the favorite. 

With the Mayor’s Bowl coming up in October, flag football will soon be the focus of Malone intramurals. The event’s new addition to intramural is a flag football game between Malone and Walsh University under the lights of Pioneer Park on Oct. 10 at 5 p.m. Tryouts for flag football were held on Sept. 25, giving players lots of time to practice before their scrimmage on Oct. 3 and most importantly, the big game! 

Students who want to participate in intramurals and experience another element of the social life that college offers simply have to download the IMLeagues app. From there they can create an account and follow the instructions to join through Malone University. The more students play, the stronger that the campus community becomes!

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