Freshmen Voices

By Selah Yost

Volume 67, No. 2

Freshman Gather Around the Campfire Outside of Myers Lounge. Photo by Micah Gregory

After a year that was greatly limited by COVID-19, the 2021 academic year has, in contrast, been filled with campus activities and events. From RUSH and trivia night to spirit week’s Davenport Derby and outdoor movie night, there has been no shortage of things to do and ways to get connected.

This is especially important for freshmen adjusting to a new campus, new people and new routines. In fact, the many organizations responsible for putting on these events dedicate a lot of thought to gearing them toward the incoming freshmen each year. 

“We changed the Student Activities Council, which used to be just two student directors, to the Campus Activities Board (CAB), which involves more student leaders,” Melody Scott, dean of students, said. “After welcome week, CAB springboarded into [planning] September to try to provide at least one or two events a week where people could gather and connect.”

Getting more students involved with CAB allows for new insights when coming up with activities and keeps events fresh and current. For freshmen specifically, these events are meant to help them feel welcomed and adjust to the college environment.

“Without a doubt, orientation made my transition almost seamless and connected me with a lot of great people,” Anastasia Nikolaidis, freshman exercise science major, said.

“The orientation activities helped me feel welcome on campus,” Alicia Martinez, freshman exercise science major, said. “But I wish they had done more to prepare me for the rigorous academia that I faced the following Monday.”

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