From SAC to CAB

By Luke Kaufman

Volume 67, No. 4

Pop-up Coffee Stand Hosted by CAB Members. Photo by Trent McCune

CAB stands for Malone’s campus activity board, but returning students may know that CAB was once SAC, which stood for student activities council. The newly rebranded campus activity board still throws events on campus for students to attend, however. As part of the effort to revamp the board, the number of people involved was expanded.

“There are the directors, Madeline and I,” Tiffany Bolen, junior nursing major and co-director of the campus activity board, said. “Then there’s Sarah, our advisor, and the RAs.” 

“[The members of the campus activities board] are the ones in charge of planning a lot of the events on campus,” Madeline Gay, junior nursing major and co-director of the campus activity board, said. “It’s a way to get people involved and build a sense of community.” 

The campus activity board recently underwent changes, including alterations of its name and structure.

“[We changed our name] because there were two different [student activity councils] — the Athletic SAC and our SAC — so people were getting confused as to which one was which,” Bolen said. “The name just did not fit. I think the name change came with that.”

The campus activity board also restructured itself to allow for the creation of bigger and better events. CAB now works with one resident assistant from each dorm, which allows for more community building. Understanding and shaping the Malone community is one of the campus activity board’s core goals. Each resident assistant involved uses their personal strengths to assist the campus activity board in areas that they are familiar with.

However, just because currently only resident assistants are a part of the campus activities board aside from the co-directors and their advisor doesn’t mean it will be like that forever. 

“We are trying to find a way to bring in a group of [students] that want to be involved,” Gay said. “Freshmen can’t be RA’s, and other people may not want to be an RA, but they might want to help with CAB because those are two very different things. So right now we are looking at ways to try and bring more people and volunteers in because I think that’s an important thing to give interested people a way to be involved.”

The campus activity board has changed but is still committed to hosting fun and inclusive activities in the hopes of developing a close-knit community on campus. The campus activity board changed its expectations and parameters for new events in hopes of better achieving its goals.

“The idea is that fewer events mean better quality,” Bolen said. “Quality over quantity, less supply, and more demand.” 

“We are just trying to find more and more ways to get people involved,” Gay said. “We just, hopefully, find events people like.”

The campus activity board is betting that with better quality events, more people attend. The scarcity of the events creates more demand, and CAB is using that to its advantage. 

“Every event, we plan on about 200 people,” Bolen said. “In our first pop-up… we had about 150 show up. So of course our biggest goal is to get every student to each event, but that won’t happen … so I would think one of our big goals would be to have around 500 people.”

Hopefully, these numbers increase as the semester goes on. As of now, it seems like people are enjoying the re-worked events.  

“At least for the events that I went to, I enjoyed [them],” Bryan Almestica, senior business administration major and president of the student body, said. “Even though I helped serve cider for fall fest, I still enjoyed it.” 

“I also heard that grocery bingo was a lot of fun,” Almestica said. “I think like 150 people showed up for that, so that definitely was a hit. I like what CAB is doing and I hope that they can keep it up all year.” 

The campus activities board has thrived with its altered structure, and students are enjoying the events as much as ever. Despite the name change, CAB has proven itself a trustworthy source of fun-filled events on campus.

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