Malone Serves Saturday

By Mya Clark

Malone Students Volunteering at North Canton Church of Christ. Photo Courtesy of Tony Schnyders

Malone Serves Saturday is a service opportunity for students that takes place twice a month. Students meet at the Barn around 8 a.m. and do approximately four hours of service work. Any Malone student can come in order to give back to their community.​​ These events are run by Michelle Alessandro and Tony Schnyders. 

One of Malone Serves Saturday’s goals is to grow and involve as many students as possible. These Saturday service events not only give students opportunities for academic recognition, but also give them an experience in the serving community. 

Malone Serves Saturday recently hosted a clothing drive for the men’s homeless shelter Refugee of Hope Ministries. On Saturday, Feb. 12, the ministry workers received many bags of new or thrifted clothes to give to the men who stayed there. 

Malone Serves Saturday often partners with the North Canton Church of Christ, which gives food away to those in need twice a month. Together, the two outreach programs routinely provide 600-700 shopping carts full of food to hand out to people who are struggling financially.

Trent McCune, junior exercise science major, has participated in Malone Serves Saturday for three years. McCune was one of the first people to go through the leadership program that is offered alongside the ministry opportunity.

“[Malone Serves Saturday] is an easy way to serve others and it is a humbling experience,” McCune said. Malone Serves Saturday is a selfless act of service that anyone from any background can participate in. 

Coming up on Mar. 19, Malone Serves Saturday, the program will partner with Lighthouse Ministries of Canton to complete a painting project in downtown Canton. 

Another upcoming event on Mar. 26 is a collaboration with Hammer and Nails, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Canton. Students and volunteers will be building a wheelchair ramp for a homeowner in need.

Malone Serves Saturday will host clean-up events on Apr. 9 in partnership with Stark Parks and on Apr. 23 at Beech Creek Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve in Alliance.

Nichelle Mosley, sophomore music major, has been a part of Malone Serves Saturday since she started attending Malone. She is currently in the Serving Leadership Group offered through a scholarship called Visio.

“Serve Saturday helps you see people in the community that are struggling,” Mosley said. “God shows that people need help and need love.”

Volunteers participating in Malone Serves Saturday recently visited a center for immigrants and helped the staff clean the facilities or provide labor work as needed. They dug their hands through gutters, cleaned up trash and provided meals for those who live there. 

“[Malone Serves Saturday is] an eye-opening experience that everyone should try at least once,” Mosley said. 

“As the body of Christ we were built to serve a community,” Mosley said. Malone Serves Saturday is all about giving back to the community as Malone students. 

“Loving your neighbor” is a huge part of being disciples of Jesus. Jesus showed up for his neighbor whether they were poor or rich, and as a serving community that is what Malone Serves Saturday does. They show up for anyone who needs help and loves them no matter who they are. 

“If you are interested in serving the community, this is a great place to start,” McCune said. “You won’t regret it.” 

Most college students don’t want to wake up early or spend their Saturdays working, but taking four hours to serve the community will open many doors and certainly will not be a waste of time.

“If you are in a class or sport that has a serving requirement, come and join the group,” Tony Schnyders, one of the staff members that help lead Serve Saturday, said.If you have any questions about Malone Serves Saturday, email Schnyders at aschnyders@malone.edu or Michelle Alessandro at malessandro@malone.edu.

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