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Club Feature: FCA

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a space for athletes from all different teams to gather together and learn about Christ. There are weekly speakers including Dr. Greg Miller, Malone coaches and […]

Why Jubilee?

On February 19-21, Malone students will join various Christian colleges in attending the Coalition for Christian Outreach’s (CCO) 40th Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Thousands of college students and campus ministry staff […]

Club Feature: Enactus

Enactus is a global organization where students practice what they are learning in class for local or global companies. The group does fundraising, event planning, grant writing and other entrepreneurial actions. In […]

Run, Seth! Run!

After learning about his mother’s best friend’s death due to cancer, Seth Rinehart, senior exercise science major, searched for something he could do to raise awareness and funds for cancer patients. Realizing […]