VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of Among the After

Among the After premiered Fall 2016 with an original script written by Isaac Brenneman and music compositions by Steve Parsons. The production was directed by Tammie Mckenzie, a professor of Communication Arts. See the video above for more information!

Sloth: A Malone Sport

Played since 2002 as a Lower Penn tradition Sloth has become a staple of Malone life.   To learn more, see the video below.       Rebecca Weaver is a video producer with The Aviso Josh Woika is a video producer with The Aviso Charley Garwood is the Media Editor with The Aviso

Video: Celebration

  Celebration is a student led SFO held every other Thursday evening in the JC Chapel.   Check it out in the video below!     Josh Woika is a staff videographer, editor, and reporter for The Aviso Rebecca Weaver is a staff videographer and editor for The Aviso Charley Garwood is the Media Editor…

2016 Davenport Derby

Check out this year’s Davenport Derby! The Davenport Derby is an annual event where students develop, build, and race couches for the chance to win the golden davenport trophy!   Participating Teams were… WWF Netflix and Chill (Women’s Champions) Devol Malone Fire Department (Men’s Champions) Harambe The Election Late Night is Closed Blossom Chipotle Haviland…

Not so Newly Wed Game 2016

  The not so newly Wed Game is an annual event put on by the Student Activities Council.   Lawrence Hines is the Video Producer for The Aviso

Watch: Cafeteria Survey on Little Saints’ cancellation

Little Saints has been cancelled this year in order to re-evaluate the program. This decision has received a number of different responses from students who we asked the question “what do you think about this year’s cancellation of Little Saints?” Watch as students share their opinion of what they think about this year’s cancellation.  …

Davenport 2015

This year’s Davenport Derby was full of excitement and creative themes. This year included runaway Octogenarians, superheroes, candy bars, a historic ocean liner, golf carts, plenty of dirt, the crossing of Moses, babies, and who can forget the invention of fire. Check out this year’s teams! Congratulations to this year’s Champians! Men’s Champion- Devol: Man…

RA Gender War

Find out the major differences between Male and Female RA’s through a student survey   Charley Garwood is the Media Editor for The Aviso

Breaking Social Norms Destroys Normality

  Society has millions of informally established rules that are simply learned from interacting in a particular social context. Social norms represent the glue that holds together the normality of our day to day lives. Since social norms are usually expected and followed, it was very difficult to find anyone to participate in the making…